Common Questions and Information about Transporting your Vehicle


What’s a broker?

We are a Federal Highway Administration licensed and bonded freight broker. This means we contract directly with US auto carriers. When some people hear we are brokers they get a misconception of the role of a broker. We are here to act in your best interest, as your transporting agent.

How long does it take to transport my vehicle?

This depends entirely upon the distance it’s traveling.  Cross country moves typically take 10-14 days.  A move from either coast to the center of the country will take 5-10 days.  When you receive a quote from us you will also receive the approximate transit time for your specific move.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, A non-refundable deposit is taken by credit/debit card at the  time of agreeing to transport your vehicle with Special Vehicle Transport. This portion must be paid by credit/debit card.  The remainder of the payment must be paid on pickup or delivery in the form of cash, cashier’s check, or postal money order.

How far in advance should I schedule my vehicle pickup?

If you’re looking to have your car transported between October and March 1, a two (2) weeks’  advance notice is highly recommended to help meet your transporting requirements, however, there are times where we can accommodate your request with less notice. For moves taking place between April and September, we recommend booking 3-4 weeks ahead.  Keep in mind that there are not enough trucks in the country to have one in every city, every day. Therefore a 3-4 day window for pickup will be needed. We will try to accommodate the date you request if it is possible. However, exact delivery times and pickups can vary and cannot, in good conscience, be guaranteed. If they cannot reach the vehicle’s location, you may incur additional costs of providing a local flatbed service to pick up your vehicle.

Can I put a car cover on my vehicle?

No! Sounds like a great idea, however, it’s not only against the law but imagine what that would do to your vehicle after traveling several hundred (even thousands) of miles flapping against your paint. Not to mention there’s a pretty good chance that it will fly off in transit at some point. If you’re extremely concerned call us for reassurance or inquire about transporting your vehicle with one of our enclosed carriers.

How may I pay for my transportation?

There are two options for payment. You can pay the driver upon delivery with cash, check or cashier’s check.

What is the difference between open and enclosed transport?

An open carrier is the same type of trailer that the dealerships/auctions use to transport cars. The trailers are two levels and fit 7-10 cars on board or there are other types of open trailers that may only hold 2-5 cars. This is the most common & least expensive type of carrier people use.

An enclosed carrier is a fully enclosed trailer which can hold 2-8 cars (two levels) and they typically haul exotics, classics, etc. and the cost is roughly 70% more.  Many enclosed trailers have lift gates which is an ideal way to load/unload low profile vehicles. Some are tented sided and some hard sided.

What do I do if I notice damage when my car is delivered?

Your car is fully insured by each of our carriers. All carriers have a deductible (just like you have on your insurance policy). First and foremost, there must be (in the eyes of the insurance company) damage. Sounds strange but the damage must be noted on delivery! If it’s not listed there must not have been any damage. Take pictures as soon as possible. Obtain at least two estimates. When this is completed submit estimates and original photos to the carrier who transported your car, Attn: CLAIMS. We will help in any way possible to facilitate the process but it is the carrier who will honor or deny the claim.

When will I be called to let me know when my car will be picked up or delivered?

Contact is usually made (or at least attempted) the day before pick up/delivery. The driver, dispatcher or Specialty Vehicle Transport will provide you with a time frame and will confirm the vehicle’s location address. They will also advise you if it is necessary to meet him in a large parking lot (usually at a shopping center) for pickup or delivery if they can’t get right to your door.

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