Steps For A Succesful Vehicle Transport

  • First, decide on the date and locations that you would like to transport your vehicle from and to.
  •  Next, fill out our quick form and you will be contacted by our customer service representative with an estimated price to transport your specialty vehicle to a business or residential location of your choice.
  • After you have received your quote and you decide you are ready to transport your car, you will be directed to pay a non-refundable deposit for transporting your vehicle.
  • Next, fill out the Auto Transport Customer Questionnaire (link to the Adobe sign document). This form gives us the specifics of transporting your vehicle.
  • You will receive an approximate date and time for pickup for transporting your vehicle. This is the day to make sure there will be someone available to access and pick up your vehicle.
  • If the car is inoperable, make sure it’s in a location to be winched onto the carrier’s trailer.
  • If the trailer cannot navigate down your street or if you can, meet the carrier at a large parking lot for safer loading. That just makes it easier to park trailers and load your vehicle out of high traffic areas.
  • Then, there are a few things you should do as you ready your vehicle for pickup (Click on prepping your car for transporting) will give you a good guideline on preparing your vehicle before it begins its journey to its new location. Be sure to visit our FAQ page to help with any questions and more helpful guidelines to transporting your vehicle.
  • As the day approaches for picking up your vehicle, you will receive a call to give you an estimated time of arrival to the vehicle pickup location.
  • When the carrier arrives to pick up your vehicle, he/she will l document any damage to the vehicle and it will be notated on their bill of lading paperwork. Take your own photos for documentation.
  • Once your vehicle is loaded, you will have the carrier’s phone number and signed copy of the bill of lading paperwork. Make sure you retain a copy of the bill of lading for your proof of transporting your vehicle.
  • When your vehicle is within 24 hours of delivery to its final location, the receiving contact person will get a call regarding ETA of drop off arrival.
  • Your vehicle will be off loaded and this is also when your vehicle should be thoroughly expected for any damage sustained in transit. Once the vehicle is signed for, it is released to the delivery contact. The condition of the vehicle is accepted and the carrier is released from any responsibility for claims of damage in transit.
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